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Our Story

Don and MarieOpened August 6, 1992, we are family owned and operated. Coming from humble beginnings, as high school sweethearts, we married and had six children. Both of us being full blooded Italian, and one of us being born in Italy, we have always had a great love for family and food.

We have both worked in the food industry since we were fourteen. We had a dream, and this is it! Along with the help of our children in the business, various other family members, and now grandchildren working alongside of us, we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

With the Grace of God, we can bring a little bit of Italy to you! Italian cuisine is the most imaginative in all of Europe. The wonderful aromas and flavors combined with the great variety, will hopefully be a treat to all those who truly love to eat.

We “Thank You” for your business, and hope that we can make your experience a

memorable one.

~The Losole Family

 How did we choose the name and what does it mean?

There is a famous Italian love song called “O Sole Mio”. The lover is singing praises of the beautiful sun. The good feeling of the sunshine reminds him of his love. You will hear the song played at different times throughout your visit. You will now know what some of the song means. Just add the “L” from our last name to the title of the song, (a play on words) and so you have it: Lo Sole Mio!

Our Restaurant Prayer

May God bless all who enter here,
For to us they are so dear.
We promise we will fill your bowl,
And pray that God will fill your soul.

Marie Losole